Monday, December 5, 2011

Toni's 20 fat quarters

I didn't waste a minute, and dove straight into cutting fat quarters for my partner, Toni, today... I had SOOO Much fun picking out fabrics to SHARE with her!  Toni, these are going in the mail Wednesday for you... I had to manipulate the image a bit so you have SOME SURPRISE when you open your package of FAT QUARTERS!!!

Toni & Victoria
Char & Mary
Sharon & Earamichia
Marian & Shelly
Mimi & Miki
Ellen & Teresa
Kim & Sally

I can't wait to see the goodies to boost my stash! 
I'm getting inspired already and I haven't rcvd anything yet! LOL!


Sewing In CT said...

So very exciting! Christmas a little early!!!
I'm taking your packet to the post office tomorrow too! i was terribly tempted to take a picture and send but held back! You can post it if you like! Thank you! Toni

Shelly said...

I've started a pile. I'm going to build it taking my time, so I can get them all "just right". As I use something I love, I add a piece to the pile, and hopefully, Marian will love them, too. Good thinking to manipulate your image so she has some element of surprise left. I hope she posts them when she gets them so we can all get inspired! This is so fun already!

Marlynne said...

Fat Quarter Swap sounds fun. I'd like that! please come visit

ellen gets crafty said...

I got my fat quarters posted today. I hope Teresa likes my choices, they sure looked pretty stacked together in the box!