Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BOM quilts revealed!

"Good-Bye My Fancy"  by Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Time for A quilt show!
Here are 12 quilts and quilt tops that were made using the 15 Minutes Play Blocks of the MONTH tutorials listed in the tutorial link above.

Using made fabric, the starting point of this site, we made blocks inspired by the fabrics we made.  Keeping in the 15 minute routine and asking questions as we go along.... taking time to think about, How can I set them differently then I always do? 
What new color combinations could I try? 
What new technique can I try?  
Each time, taking baby steps forward, asking questions to find a way to put together a quilt top that is new and unique to each of us.  Being aware of the things you ALWAYS do, Finding a way to break out of those habits, and see what other possibilities and steps could be taken.

Have you found you've been in a design rut? Do you do the same thing over and over in your quilt making? Being aware of what you ALWAYS do, can help you to focus on one thing NEW to try that.
What's holding you back from trying something new?
How can you push your Quilt making limits further?  Enjoy looking through these quilts, perhaps you will see some ideas for layout, different fabric choices,  colors you might not have tried, and we hope it inspires you to Take a Chance... It's just a quilt, it's just fabric, cut it up and use it. ;-)

If you are playing with the tutorial blocks, please add the images to the flickr group so we can comment for you too!  The link is always in the tool bar above.  Enjoy the show!

The names have been left off temporarily as Allie Aller will be picking a favorite for prizes. 

Do you have a favorite here?  Can you find something in each you like? Or want to try?
Please comment, and let us know your thoughts.  We look forward to hearing from you.  

Terry P

Lisa M

Beth S


Miki W

Julie W

Em B



Ellen W

Deb G


Laura said...

These are all great! I love the different settings! My favorite is the one with the white background. It really sets off the made fabric.

Unknown said...

Wow ! aren't they ALL lovely!! If I had to pick a favourite it has to be H.

Sandy Panagos said...

They all turned out really great! I know you all had fun with this one.

Helen said...

Want to try the following: A - a bold floral fabric to compliment sampler blocks. B - varied color backgrounds for movement. C - HST border in every color + white. D - electric blue makes red & yellow sparkle. E - my favorite colors red & turquoise set in plum. F - a single rose unifies a complex floral design. G- cornerstones in every color. H - pieced border and offset blocks. I - Deep purple with gray & gold, yumm. J - dotted sashes for great texture

linda said...

Can I pick two? ;D

Fun stuff!

Amy said...

Love the different looks with the backgrounds and made fabric in one colorway. So creative. Makes me want to play with the scraps today!

Sandi Linn Andersen said...

They are all great! I had a difficult time choosing just one to vote for but finally chose.......A. Something about it kept bringing me back to that particular quilt. It just caught my eye!

Alexis said...

These are fantastic- all the same blocks and yet SUCH different quilts. Lovely!

Miki Willa said...

It is amazing to see how everyone approached this so differently. I really like all of them for different reasons. Each is very inspirational in its own way.

Helen said...

K is very engaging....searching for the blocks is fun!

Carol E. said...

They're all great! Hard to choose! But I did manage to pick one and will now vote.

Mary said...

The quilt are all absolutely awesome!! I was planning to vote for a favorite, but I just couldn't pick one over the others. Fantastic designs, one and all.

Sewing In CT said...

Congratulations Quilters! They are all awesome. Thanks for sharing!

lovetostitch said...

Liked different things about all of them - they all are great! I voted. Need to try my hand at this!!

Fabric Fanatic said...

My favorite is #C...something about all those hst's in the border that just make me crazy with envy and I love how white makes the colors jump!

Margaret said...

Thanks, all ... have really enjoyed studying the different styles!!!

Anonymous said...

I´d say know little about quilts but I´d love to see some boldness and freedom in putting blocks together, instead of repeating beatten patterns. That´s why I´ve debated between H and K.
They are all lovely and eye catching.

Mego said...

They are ALL so beautiful! Loved the different settings and color choices. The white POPS and the denim mutes...the cheddar in several of the quilts just 'makes' it. Nice JOB ladies!