Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fractured crumb blocks!

I was playing around with some scraps, when I discovered this new way to use crumb blocks! 

I had made a few blocks and put them on my design wall, with the idea of sashing each little block with a solid fabric and making a small quilt. But, after putting sashing on three sides of two pieces, I happened to place them next to each other and I got a whole new design idea. 

*Note* You'll see me using "square" and "block" interchangeably ... they're the same to me!

Add sashing to opposite ends of your squares, then begin to pair them up by twos.  For now, just ignore the relative size of each square ... we'll deal with that later.  If they look good together, they're a pair!

I think a rectanglular shape works really well for this pattern. 

Basically, you add sashing to opposite ends of your squares, trim them even, pair them up and add sashing.... I put a full tutorial on my blog - enjoy! 



Emi said...

Beautiful and easy.

Una buena idea.

Un abrazo desde COSTA RICA

Glen QuiltSwissy said...




Quiltdivajulie said...

Planning to give this a whirl using leftovers trimmed from the back of a newly-completed project. Will share photos when I make some progress!