Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jumping into the triangle game

I made this triangles galore block several weeks ago,
combing some Kaffe lovelies,
Marcia Derse prints (pink and green)
and my own hand dyed fabrics (the blue background).
It was easier than I thought, especially since I used lots of
Mary Ellen's Best Press on it to stabilize the bias edges of the triangles.
I made the paper template Victoria suggested in the tutorial,
\ but I realized the fastest way to cut the triangles
is to cut 4.5 inch strips and then use the 30 degree line on my ruler
to cut the triangles.
Now I'm thinking this block may be a great way to feature
Kaffes and hand dyes.


Anne said...

Like what you have done with your triangles - makes me want to go and have a play. :0)

carol fun said...

Great looking block! I agree this would show off the Kaffe's well - so much inspiration, so little time!

janequiltsslowly said...

Love your fabrics on the triangle block. I am not very good with figuring out how to cut with the angle marks on the ruler. Can you post a picture to show your strip; your first cut and how you continue cutting triangles? Thanks. :)

Carol E. said...

Very pretty.