Thursday, February 9, 2012

What if

So you know me, I am always thinking about Color and how to challenge my regular choices...
I keep coming back to, " why do i have TWO cubbies of BLUE fabric when I rarely use blue?"

So I thought of a quick challenge, I could try using BLUE, the color I seem to avoid.

(what color do you avoid?)

I chose 4  STRONG colors, Green red royal blue and purple, 
and chose a light blue to surround them.
 I selected the without thinking to much about them, And I sewed them together any which way.
Then I made sure that I had a light blue color all the way around the four scraps.

Here you can see how I put it together...  Every block I make will be different.

I like the idea of the Contrast and the varied shape the scraps made.

Can you select a color you avoid?

And try the same technique?  One little 8" block, 15 minutes to play. That's it.

I Would love to see you all give a go... Maybe we will feel better about the color we avoid afterwards!
I think it may make a dent in my BLUE stash too! More room then for my favorite reds and yellows! LOL!

Post and share your play time!

I challenge you to one block.
Maybe it will be like potato chips, can you make just one?


Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

After I made friends with greens, I would say yellow and brown are the colours I use the least. I have been meaning to brush up on my yellows, so this would fit perfectly for me - sometimes next week or so.

Irene said...

Love this idea. Kind of like controlled chaos. Next in line.

Miki Willa said...

I will try something with brown, which is a color I really don't use much at all. This will be fun.

tropicslady said...

For me I would say the least amount of color that I have is blue. My bins are overflowing with greens! And I keep buying more greens...

Bonnie said...

Funny...I have a ton of blues and hardly ever use them. Not because I don't like blue, but it never seems to fit. I will make a blue, blue and not sure what color. Thanks for the inspiration.