Monday, March 12, 2012

Something to Ponder & Play

I made a 15 minute block the other day, and randomly tried to pick colors I don't  gravitate towards; Minty green, blues and pink.  
My  normal  or typical palette would include red, yellow, pink and blue, but this time I am trying to focus on pink and blue.   It's less contrasty then I usually do, but hey! You never know! 
I made ONE block to try, and found that I really liked the brights and dulls together.

Since I was at City Quilter the other day, I searched for a print that might contain the pink, blue, red, green combo and came across this Kaffe print.  I like the mixture of all the colors, and it blends in well with "Made fabric" block.

My goal is to make a quilt with a PINK setting.  That's a lot of PINK for me,   But figure it's a great chalenge to use a color I tend to shy away from.  If it's always easy, then what's the fun?  Right?

This Tula Pink, Flattery, fabric Pink with brown butterflies, I think, is just fabulous.  It's not to sugary sweet, and I love the bit of brown, to pull in one more dark fmaily of color. This block is not nearly as contrasty as I usually like, But I can feel my gears spinning on how I can keep playing with this combo to see what I can add to it.

What color do you shy away from?  Can you pick a few colors you usually don't use and play with them? Don't think about whether they go together, but focus on the individual colors, and challenge yourself to make them work. 

Colors you think are ugly, do not have to be an UGLY block.  How can you make them work to your advantage?

Contributors of this site, You've all been very quiet this past week,

Do some play this week, post your play!  

Show us your discoveries.

Want to be able to post on this site your PLAY?  
Email me, for an invitation.
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Nifty Quilts said...

It's nice to see a more grayed palate sometimes. I also struggle with what I call "drab" colors. Love the way you stuck a piece of red in there!

weeser1 said...

I just LOVE these!

Carol E. said...

I love that pink background. The other day I used a tad of the pink FQ you gave me. :-)