Saturday, April 21, 2012


I have a lot of green fabrics, although many of them are far smaller than a fat quarter, nearer a thin sixteenth. I piled them all out, with other fabrics containing green, and nearly went skelly trying to figure out what was avocado.

I consulted the ultimate oracle, which didn't help.

As I sometimes do, I drew a little design. The finished product has never been known to turn out anything like the design, but this time I thought it might. I also thought this might be an easy and fast design to make. I enlarged this design and cut it up to make templates. (By the way, this wasn't the original drawing, this is a neater version).

I found two background fabrics which contained avocado (probably) in the curlicues and the leaves, and found a small piece for the middle strip in the uglies box, with the right shade of green (I think).

Made two triangles from the made fabric. Do you sometimes find that the made fabric is not just right and you have to add on an extra bit somewhere to get your shape?

Tried out the triangles on background 1.

Tried out the triangles on background 2.

Liked background 2 best. At this stage, I looked at it for a while and decided the triangles placement didn't work and would be better opposite each other and the strip down the middle (of the ugly fabric) was terrible. Made another strip for the middle. The first time I sewed in this strip it was too wide, so I had to unsew it and do it again.

Finally got there. I won't tell you how long this took as you would fall off your chair laughing.

Next colour, I'm going to do something different. Less fabrics, smaller piece, less time.

Colour Report – Avocado

What did I think of this colour at the start?
Liked it.
What fabrics go with this colour?
Anything except yellow.
What fabrics don’t go with this colour?
Do I like this colour better or less after working with it?
The same.
Will it inspire a new palette?
Other comments
I was totally absorbed in making this and was disappointed at the end result. However I’m getting addicted to this colour game, it is very absorbing to take one colour, especially an unusual one, and try to use it to make an attractive piece.


Miki Willa said...

I like the background fabric you chose. The first one didn't have the movement that was needed for this piece. Your fabrics are wonderful, as usual. I really like the bar you created for the center.

janie said...

I love the inspirational way you play with shapes and colours to produce a stunning end piece. Its nice too to see the pathway and I appreciate the attention to detail you always display

Kathy said...

Yes avocado is elusive. Call it the influence of neighbors. "No man is an island..." seems to be true for colors as well. I like your final design. It reminds me of a dragonfly! And, I like your color combinations, too.

Willa said...

I feel like this is a kalidoscope from a very wonderful imaginery world - what fun!!

Helen said...

Your oracle looks luscious if not wise! I like your final result and how it grew. You are now hooked on this colour game....Me, too!

Carol E. said...

I like that you share your process. You are really exercising this challenge to its fullest.

fiberchick said...

Thank you for sharing your thought process... I like the end result very much!