Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Color Challenge #4 PEACH

I could not resist playing with peach and greens... with a bit of brighter orange.
Playing to the gray side and the brighter red side of peach, in my bock. I think it's sweet!
 I love peach and brown... read on... you'll see why.

Yes... My very first complete quilt I ever made was 
Edgy huh? 
 LOL! This quilt has fallen apart and been sewn together through the lives of two nieces...
laugh.. go ahead...  ;-)  

You can see I got pretty bored making those monkey wrench blocks... I know I didn't add the 1/4" seam allowances when I made them as I recall wrestling with them to lay flat...This was all done with a scissors mind you... this was 1989!  I do know I used up all the fabric I bought, and I had to piece in the cream to make it long enough to cover the twin size bed for my first niece... The second niece loved it to death even more... Thank you to my mother who has patched it up several times, because it became the LOVEY quilt for both of them.... oh, and poly batting, of course. LOL!

I am still a fan of peach. When I painted my master bedroom at our house I chose peach for the walls. The guy at the paint store looked at me and said, 
Well, there's a color we haven't seen in 20 years..." 

Humpf! What does he know!  LOL!
If you look really close my pillow cases are dusty pink nearly MAUVE! gasp!
They are gorgeously embroidered though with REDS and ORANGES... it goes nicely with my
 red linen pillow cases too! Throw in some ORANGE and HOT PINK and well, 
yeah... it all looks good!

Blocks to date:
Mauve, Ochre,  Avacado, Peach


sheila 77 said...

Peach! I adore peach. I've liked all the other three colours, although Avocado and I had a slight tussle. Your block with all the colours so far looks lovely, they seem to go together very well.

Cathy said...

I love your 4 blocks together. Fantastic. I haven't been able to join in yet as I've been overwhelmed lately but I definitly want to do this. Hugs

pforgerson said...

Oh my gosh, i have been quilting for a few years, and never would have imagined that those blocks- i called them butterfly blocks, would turn into a fabulous star! Cant wait to try this, along with all of the other great ideas on this site.

ellen gets crafty said...

Your blocks look so cool together, and I love the story of your first quilt - it sure brings back memories.

fiberchick said...

Love your first quilt! Peach... Hmmnm...

Ellie Q said...

Your blocks look great together. Peach, I'll have to work on. Yikes! :)

The Thimblemouse of Country Crossroads said...

I love peach and so I'm amazed that I don't seem to have even a tiny bit in my stash...this is truly going to be a challenge

Julianne said...

LOL! I kept thinking all week...whats the color going to be...I just couldnt wait, I kept thinking it was going to be "Cantalope"..I was close! This is soooooooooooo FUN!!! Love how the blocks go together also.

Diane said...

I agree, it's truly a challenge this time. If mauve was hard, peach is much much harder!

Some of my mauves even had peach in them...does that count?

janequiltsslowly said...

I love how the blocks look set together like that. Peach is not my favorite, but I'm pretty sure I'll find some in my "deep stash" to play along. Thanks for the challenge. This one will be tougher for me.