Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ellie's blocks

I struggled with this color and kept telling myself that I did NOT like peach. In fact, I had trouble finding peach fabric in my stash! First I found an orange-ish peach and made this pile of fabrics. 

But I just wasn't feeling it. 

As I looked for another peach, and for colors to go with it (because nothing seemed to be working, probably aided by my anti-peach attitude of the moment!), I remembered a time when I had used peach in a color scheme and loved it: my wedding flowers. 
I had combined peach with a darker coral and a perwinkle blue (which was the dress color as well). Inspired by this photo, I dug through my stash again and recreated that palette.
From those fabrics, I made this:

and then this:

I got over my anti-peach feelings and I like the cheeriness of this block. Plus, it brings back fun wedding memories! While it helps that I ultimately chose a softer peach to work with, I had trouble successfully pairing peach with many choices, though I do love it with the periwinkle. I thought it would go well with green, but not any that I could find. 
I'm noticing that some of my blocks fall back onto the fail-safe color wheel art class color concepts--complementary blue and orange here, green/purple/orange triad for avocado.

MAUVE (a make-up from week #1)
I found a mauve FQ in my stash and then saw the striped batik. Right there, I knew what direction I wanted to take. I loved how the striped batik sort of "updated" the mauve, which I can't help but think of as an 80s color. I pulled a darker plum and another blue to balance things, and then was pleasantly surprised to work in the light green/yellow/whatever you want to call it fabric--another fabric of mine that I can't decide if I like or not! 

I used those fabrics to make this:

and then this:

I liked seeing that mauve could receive a style update and join us in the 21st century! :) Seriously though, I found it interesting that pairing it with very gray-ish blues really helped to "un-gray" (dare I say brighten?) the mauve up, making it less gray.

Can't wait til next week!


Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

They both Look fantastic! I love how the peachy block jumps out at you! the colors are fabulous! The will make a great pattern when all together!

janequiltsslowly said...

These are great blocks. The periwinkle and deep pink with the peach are really wonderful. The stripped batik is a great match with your mauve.