Monday, April 9, 2012

I found mauve was a difficult colour.
At first, I tried making a mauve rose (above) but it's really dull.
So i tried some contrast but greens weren't working.

Then I pulled out a variety of Kaffe prints, but too busy.

Then I tried this Sevenberry print on white and it provided the right contrast.
I didn't have quite enough of the centre fabric,
so I pieced in a mauvish fabric using curved piecing.
Thanks for the challenge, Victoria!


Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

That star us FABULOUS!!! LOVE! SO you blocks became the points of the star?( If I am looking at it right...) I think you arrived at a very happy ending! it's subtle, and lovely!

Brenda said...

yup. I cut up the unsuccessful rose into triangles.

Chris said...

Love your star, Brenda - and also enjoyed your journey...I think that's part of what has made this week so interesting, our own journeys and also sneaking peaks into everyone else's journeys. Looking forward to the next, what did you say, V, Doozie? lol!

fiberchick said...

This is beautiful!

Helen said...

Your mauve points are most sophisticated. Look like a very expensive necktie fabric.

PatSloan said...

i'm enjoying all the challenge blocks and might have to do one... might.. as I told Victoria on the radio show yesterday! i love the star... very nice!