Friday, April 13, 2012

Karen's Blocks challenges

I found this really old scrap with the mauve flowers in my scrap bin and first considered throwing it out, just too ugly. Then I thought I'd use it anyway and pull the other colors out of the print. I like the purple because it made the mauve look more pink than brown (like the background). I wanted it cheerful, so the greens and yellow needed to be drawn out too. When the block was done, I think I like it. LOL

The Ochre was a little easier for me, I have more of these colors in my scraps. The thing I love the most is lots of color and pattern in my fabrics. When I think of ochre, I think vintage (maybe more victorian) so I chose a print that had that look. I use green and burgundy with golds quite often. I guess that's my default combo. LOL

Posted for Karen L.


fiberchick said...

These are both beautiful! They look like Victorian ceramic tiles.

tropicslady said...

Beautiful blocks! And I use green and burgundy with the golds a lot too, as seen in my ochre block, and I also pulled purple and yellow into my mauve block, LOL!

Willa said...

It's wonderful how while both are beautiful alone, they also seem to want to be part of the same larger world.