Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mauve Doesn't Like Me

I really didn't know how to start with this mauve thing. Here are 2 of the strips I picked.
I only used the first one and paired it with this green print.
After that I went a little crazy and just added anything that didn't totally offend me. In the end I hacked it all up and finished with this little 6 1/4 inch block.

  I've decided I don't play well with mauve!


Helen said...

Hey, your block might play well with my block. It's the same size and design...only reversed. Come on over!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Ooh but wait til you haveca bunch of blocks!! Mauve will blend away... :-) keep on going!

Barb Adams said...

Just finished a quilt for a neighbor to give to her friend who was recently diagnosed with a serious illness. I was honored that she asked me to be part of her friend's healing, but flummoxed by the fact that the friend's favorite color is pink. I have never worked with pink before, but it was an interesting challenge. I had to tone it down with grey and pump it up with gold. I'm documenting my quest to sew through my fabric stash by the end of the year at http://materialmine.blogspot.com. Please come and cheer me on!

PatSloan said...

those are truly mauve-ie pieces... i am enjoying what everyone has done!