Thursday, May 24, 2012

Avocado ... YUM!

I did a MAJOR happy dance when Avocado was announced!!!  Okay, soooo I think I've already admitted that I am a serious "green girl".  I've added at least a little bit of green to all my blocks for a bit of continuity.  I'm also a serious fan of the fruit itself - sliced in a salad, by the spoonful with cottage cheese or best of all in guacamole.  There are so many subtle shade variations when you slice one open.  I chose to punch it up with some turquoise.  I had a BLAST playing with this challenge!

My inspiration pieces started with the leafy print on the top left.  There are many shades of avocado and tinges of blue all outlined in gold.  Added to the mix a little fairy frost type turquoise and a couple of batiks, and some polka dots.

My focus block:

The border block:

Last but not least, the small star block:

I'm glad I got to play with avocado!!  I can see a totally green quilt in my future too.  At this rate, I will need to live to at least 100 to finish all the projects in my mind.  LOL.  Now if only I could figure out how to take a picture that is straight.  Ansel Adams I will never be!

I keep thinking that I am getting caught up, but now think I'm falling further behind *sigh*.  Not quite half way through dusty blue.  Still have yellow to work on and haven't even begun to really think about rust. 


sheila 77 said...

These three blocks are very avocado and I think they are very beautiful.

Ellie Q said...

I agree... you definitely captured avocado! And I loved working with it as much as you did--definitely a green quilt in my future as well. Wonderful blocks!

Chris said...

Tracey your blocks are all beautiful - it shows that you love avocado! The light/white in your focus fabric adds a beautiful depth to your blocks. Lovely.

ellen gets crafty said...

I love the avocado with the turquoise.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Oh my! I think this is a favorite for me! LOVE the greens and that aqua thrown in there! fabulous!

Carla said...

I've enjoyed all your blocks. But I do like the Avocado Star.. Very nice indeed