Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Color Challenge #8 : RUST

Aaah, takes me back to college days... I bought a used couch, loveseat chair and double foot rest/coffee table set...and it was covered in RUST crushed velvet...   Big heavy wood arms... LOL!  Hey, $200 bucks could buy a lot back then....

Is it Brown? Is it Red? is It Orange?   What can bring it back from the depths of rusty pipe condition?
I tired the Aqua and blue to compliment corrosion... and added a bit of green too... thinking about copper roofs and the great colors it morphs into.

Each week I have also been showing you a different lay out of my blocks. Taking 15 minutes to LOOK at the layouts, and trying ALL of the options before deciding what my next move will be. I want to wait in crossing that bridge, until I have all my blocks made. I don't want to miss out an idea.

Every time I make a quilt, I try to incorporate something NEW to make them unique and different from the last quilt.  I don't always want to make blocks and sash them. 
Been there. Done that.  
What new element can you bring to each quilt you make?

Do you have a layout for a quilt that you make over and over again? Do you do Y seams? Do you slow stitch? do you hand applique?machine applique added designs? Do you put blocks on point? Do you only make lap quilts, Do you make medallion quilts? Do you look for fast and easy quilts? Do you always go free form and complex....

Evaluate your options. 
Listen to your quilt as you build. Look at it.  Ponder it, and push your limits on your skills with setting your blocks.

I haven't a clue how this quilt will end up living... I am enjoying the discoveries I make, each time I play with the blocks.  Keep open to new possibilities.


(By some weird thing, blogger posted two posts this morning.. THIS is your color for this week, the other was an unfinished block and Blogger was giving me a hard time even trying to delete it... So if you didn't see it, then have no worries... If you saw it, then erase it from your memory.... LOL!)


sewyouquilt2 said...

loving your challenge. Have not taken the plunge but as soon as I get work related things cleared, I am going to. amazed how the blocks all play nicely together. would have never guessed. I KNOW I have some of these colors in the stash. My stash is old enough to vote! LOL

Irene said...

Ok this is getting tough. Dusty blue was pretty slim in my stash, and RUST is totally missing in action. Maybe a few errant hand dyes, but not much. Have to dump the scrap box and do some serious scrap digging.

Diane said...

You are really taking us back to the Good(?) old days with these colors! First dusty blue, and now the OTHER staple of every quilter's stash, circa 1980. In the midwest, we used them both together! I can't tell you how many quilts I must have done with dusty blue, rust and brown. Yow.

Rust is a little easier because it's almost orange!

Love your blocks together!

janequiltsslowly said...

Not sure I'll find this in my stash, but I'm willing to dig! This color challenge makes Wednesdays my favorite day of the week. :)

Love that squiggly rust fabric and I especially like it with the bright blue and turquoise.