Friday, May 18, 2012

The comforts of Dusty Blue

I have a closet full of various shades of Dusty Blue... in shirts with paint drops and jeans worn to a perfect softness.   But I had to go to my favorite quilt shop to find fabric for this week's color.  Most of the blues were too bright without the hint of gray so necessary to be called "Dusty".  When I mentioned DB to Lisa, she said, "Oh that's so 80's... not much of that color is made these days".  I had to smile remembering Wonky's valance from decades past.  I wandered around the shop, picked 4 fabrics and with the help of a customer who remembers the 80's palette, selected the one above.  (Color is actually much lighter)

I auditioned many fabrics but kept coming back to matching it up with other blues. The polka doted colors of green and blue had little yellow dots that I liked  And what would Dusty Blue be without Mauve?  Topping it off was the purplish red of the Fuchsia Flower and the print with green, mauve pink and darker fuchsia diamonds.

I especially like how this turned out.  Goes to show that just about any color goes with Dusty Blue. The Fuchsia and green ally helps the blue stand out and the entire block, when finished, feels very comfortable.... like an old pair of worn jeans.


Carol E. said...

I love your dusty blue block.

Tracey said...

Love your block! It does look so soft and comfy ... grab a cuppa and a good book to curl up with.

sheila 77 said...

Enjoyed your story of choosing the fabric. They do go well together.

janequiltsslowly said...

The pink, mauve, raspberry and light green really perk up the dusty blue. I like your description of the comfy jeans feeling of the color and the block.