Monday, May 21, 2012


As soon as I saw the colour Dusty Blue, I thought of my large stash of Laura Ashley blues and lazy daisy embroidered traycloths.

So with the idea of making a very light piece with white and very pale patterned cottons and some pale blue hand embroidery, I started making fabric. Note the hand stamped fabric top right.

Do you know how they say of some people that they could start a fight in an empty room? Well that's what my fabrics are like. Whether I'm making a small quilt (6 x 6) or large (20 x 20) (inches that is), they can throw any idea out of the window. They wanted black and some of my very precious Liberty cottons, and some dyed silk.

So going along with it I tried a double checkerboard border. No.

Then did some diagonal paper piecing. Didn't like it.

This is how it ended up and actually I quite like it. I'll do a pale embroidery another time.

Colour Report – Dusty Blue

What did I think of this colour at the start?
Is there anyone who doesn’t like Dusty Blue?
What fabrics go with this colour?
White, other blues, apricots.
What fabrics don’t go with this colour?
Green, yellow, pink.
Do I like this colour better or less after working with it?
I’ll always like Dusty Blue
Will it inspire a new palette?
Dusty blue and black were quite a revelation, but after I finished it I remembered making a favourite collaged picture with these colours.
Other comments
Not what I intended to make at all.

Do fabrics know best?


Helen said...

Another little masterpiece! Enjoyed seeing it evolve, too. Those Liberties are perfect here. Is the leaf hand embroidered?

Willa said...

Sorry it was a struggle; the result is lovely! The different approaches you take with each block is fun to see.

Tracey said...

VERY pretty, Sheila! Love that fern in the middle and your border/frame fabric is just lovely. I so enjoy seeing where your play time takes you each week. Great work!

Miki Willa said...

I know just what you mean about the fabric just taking over and deciding what it wants to become. I have had a whole weekend of that. Your block is quite wonderful. I love your precious Liberty fabrics. I am not usually a fan of black but it does work with this dusty blue.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Of course I love this. I'm obsessed with navy blue and black these days... ;-)

Ellie Q said...

I love the embroidered leaf in the center!

Annie said...

Love that "stamped" piece! Your fabrics spoke and you listened. Good girl! It's a great little mixed media art piece, Sheilla.

Margaret said...

What a lovely piece!

bohemiannie! art said...

Wonderful piece. I love all your experiments and that you kept plugging along and allowed your precious stash into the mix. I think you chose JUst right. My bedroom...because of a coverlet I found at a yard dusty blue and black. Very soothing.