Monday, May 7, 2012


Yellow is a colour I rarely, if ever, use, certainly not as the main colour, so this was a serious challenge.

I actually found some yellow fabrics in the stash. The flowery one I bought in February. Why? The two on either side came from the Horribles Box. The batik was in a pack of batiks. The one on the right is an old Liberty.

I started making fabric. Wasn't terribly inspired with these fabrics. This is when a strange thing happened. I went to make a coffee and when I came back, this, below, some old made fabric from the scrap box, was sitting next to the made fabric above.

Turned it round and ...... After that I had no choice. It made me do it.

Somebody likes it. I hope you do too.

Colour Report – Bright Yellow

What did I think of this colour at the start?
Least favourite of all colours, to put it mildly.
What fabrics go with this colour?
Before - Do any colours go with this?
What fabrics don’t go with this colour?
Before - Not red or green or pink or peach or….
Do I like this colour better or less after working with it?
Funnily enough I do, and it doesn't look all that terrible with the other colours.
Will it inspire a new palette?
I would consider using it in future. Might make a little yellow mat.
Other comments
I very much enjoyed doing this yellow challenge. It was a fun piece and almost made itself. I certainly didn’t plan it in advance. My sewing machine was surprised to find yellow thread in it.


Willa said...

Delightful! Nice there is a campanion in Nessie's world.

Margaret said...

Adorable mini !!!

Ellie Q said...

What a great idea!

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Such a fun little quilt. I enjoy your colour reports very much, and am hoping to do the same soon!

Nicky said...

Well done - I think yellow is a great colour to lift others!

Nifty Quilts said...

I love your little house!

janie said...

That little tiger is very lucky to have such a beautiful house, exquisite use of shapes and colours....simply stunning mini quilt

Julianne said...

What a darling little cute!

The Thimblemouse of Country Crossroads said...

Omgosh...just the CUTEST!!!! Love Love Love the little quilts you are doing with this challenge!

Tracey said...

How absolutely sweet, Sheila! I love it. Isn't serendipity such a wonderful thing!?

Miki Willa said...

Oh, Sheila, this is just wonderful! I love the way you created your sky, and the house is adorable. What a fun companion piece for the Nessie piece. I am really enjoying your blocks for this challenge.

janequiltsslowly said...

Tiger, tiger burning bright . . . yellow! This is such a lovely little quilt from someone who professes that she does not like yellow. That Liberty fabric is so sweet. Answer to why you bought the posies in yellow in February: deepest, darkest winter.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

I love that you conquered your YELLOW! It's a favorite color of mine, and find it a great neutral... Instead of white, I go to yellow. all shades... I have to make myself NOT pick yellow. Your whimsical house is divine! love the tiger!

Helen said...

You must be having great fun to come up with this adorable result!

Carla said...

Too cute and whimsical