Sunday, May 6, 2012

More New Bee blocks are arriving and one for Beebee

I received two more New Bee blocks this week.

This lovely one from Lauren (I figured out it was you Lauren, even though you didn't put anything in or on the envelope to identify yourself :))

And this gorgeous one from Victoria.

Isn't it cool how Blogger has turned them, one down and one up so that they are pointing to each other :)

And I finished up Beebee's block for May.  It will be in the mail tomorrow Beebee.

And this one landing facing the right way up.  Yay!



janequiltsslowly said...

I am really liking these brights accented star blocks for BeeBee.

Unknown said...

My attempt to be elusive has failed@! (JK) I get the block done and I feel like I need to shove it in an envelope and get it out the door FAST before It gets lost under pinterest recipes and coloring books. Sorry. Pretend I wrote a sweet note with clever and amusing anecdotes. :)