Friday, May 4, 2012

My little yellow piece

Did I mention that bright yellow is not my favorite color?  After digging deep into the scraps, I did find some very small pieces from another project, and created some fabric.  I had no idea what to do with it until I noticed little bits of blue on one of the yellow fabrics.  I like yellow and blue together, so, I looked for some small blue scraps and I found these two wedges.  Aha!  A fan!  I put the wedges together and went in search of something to put it on.  I tried blue, but decided against it.  The two pieces in the fan already calmed the brightness of the yellow down quite a bit, and this is supposed to be a bright yellow challenge, so I went with another yellow.  It is not as bright as the scrap bits, but looks about the same in the photo.  Now, I have another 7.5" orphan block to play with.  One of these days, my orphan block collection will jump up on the design wall and ask to be put together.  Until then, I will keep playing.
Did this change my mind about using bright yellow?  No, except as an accent for blue.
Will I run out and buy some bright yellow in case I need it again?  No.
Do I appreciate this weeks challenge?  Yes.  For me, it is all about the process of playing with color and seeing where it will take me.  Bring on the next color!  I am ready.


Willa said...

I agree about allowing the process of experimenting with colors to be the primary focus. I started with no peach and now it is my favorite of the blocks we've done so far. I think my yellow will be a universe away from the other blocks, but do I love it for it's vitality - I hope to get it posted tonight.

So congratulations Miki on your amazing journey!

sheila 77 said...

Yes, it's good fun playing with the Week's Colour. I like the story of the evolving fan. After yellow we may be ready for anything.