Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I am not usually a huge fan of orange.  Several years ago I found this orange/pink poppy fabic .. my inspiration!  I this fabric.  Made a couple of tote bags which I carry regularly and get tons of compliments on.  In fact, they are so well used, it's probably time to make a few new ones.  I had a blast making these blocks.  Orange, making a bright.  bold.  statement!

My focus block:

The small star:  some seriously bright orange daisies here.  The photo doesn't show well, but there is gold outlining on this fabric too. 

The linear border:  ... okay, this sideways picture thing must be some new blogger trick.  I see no way to rotate or edit photos here. 

This challenge affirmed my need to make a quilt with orange and hot pink!!  I loved this one and felt so very bright and cheery while working on these blocks.  It's a bit bright and bold for my home decor, but I'm sure that I can find a willing recipient *smiles*.

Off now to finish working on Avocado and Dusty Blue.  Rust is going to pose a serious challenge for me... serious searching required to begin that one.  I'm headed out of town for the long holiday weekend.  There will be time for play ... just not play involving fabric *sigh*.  It will brighten hubby's heart though.  Sometimes ya just gotta do that!!



Julianne said...


Willa said...

Delightful fabrics and colors!!

Ellie Q said...

The black really makes the orange pop in a lovely way!

ellen gets crafty said...

Great colors choices.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

boy, oh boy! that is YUMMY!

sheila 77 said...

Gorgeous. I like the last one especially.

janequiltsslowly said...

Gotta love that poppy print and the sunflowers. Joyful.