Saturday, May 5, 2012


What a challenge for me!  Peach is not a color I use normally.  I'm sooo much more a pink girl.  In the spirit of challenge, however, I dug deep into my scrap piles and sifted through acquired scrap bags.  Since I want to make a quilt from these challenge blocks, I've picked my block and have decided on a couple of constants... an oriental print for the center of my star to be set on black with gold flashing .. oh, and green coordinates (my favorite color!). 

My inspiration pieces .....  Love that large piece of oriental at the back!!  That was a beauty acquired in a recent scrap bag purchase at my LQS.  Had several other pieces in that bag which found their way into this block.  The peach and lavendar floral has been kicking around the house for awhile ~ never could figure out what to put it with, but it "spoke" to me, so I bought some and finally a small piece of Fairy Frost (origins unknown).

I've been playing in blocks of time.  Dashing to the machine for 5-15 minutes before leaving for work.  I am thoroughly enjoying the process of making fabric though it has taken me probably 10 times longer than I thought it would.  Maybe I'm trying to control the process too much?  Maybe it will get easier with practice?  Maybe I'm kidding myself?!  LOL.

Anyway, I've finally completed my block.  Since taking the photo, I'm not too pleased with the prominent peach blocks that appear as stripes on two of the sides.  Looks like I need to rip out a couple of seams and add a little snip it or two.  *groan*.  Then again, maybe some of the pros will tell me not to be so darn fussy!

I'm developing a couple of ideas for additional blocks.  Need to think on that a bit more, as I want this exercise to result in a lap quilt.

Is it peach?  My laddie would say ... lassie, that is shrrrrrrrrrrrrrimp.  I'm okay with that.  Off to back track to Mauve.

Have fun playing!



sheila 77 said...

Nice process post, and I like your end result. Making fabric is a mysterious process with lots of surprises after you've sewn it all together.

Barbara said...

My time has gone down considerably since block #1. Easy to over think instead of "playing". I like how it came out.

Willa said...

Love the fabrics! The choice of fabrics can make such a huge difference. The same colors can be used but the patterns, images on the fabrics can make a profound difference.

Nathalie said...

Wonderful block. I vote that you should leave it as is until you get more blocks made, then if it still bothers you, change it.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Love the stars and the made fabric around, they stars really sparkle!