Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two Peaches

I have a lot of peach in my stash - lots of fat quarters and bigger yardage. Knowing it was there in case I needed it, I first went to my scraps.  I found two different pieces I could use:

What I've started doing with this challenge is next look for a print with multiple colors in it that include the color of the week. From that print, I find several other coordinating fabrics, since I want to have at least 4 to make good 5-sided log cabins. (That's what I call the centers of the stars - it's sort of a controlled "making" fabric process.)

Then I made the center squares, one large and one small, to end up with a 6.5" star and a 12.5" star.


The Thimblemouse of Country Crossroads said...

Great blocks Cyndi! I love that you are doing the two sizes!

janequiltsslowly said...

These are turning out so great. Are you going to set the two sizes together or in two different quilts?

Carol E. said...

So pretty! I love the 12-incher, but both are great.