Sunday, May 13, 2012


My experience with yellow was pretty interesting today. First I started with the larger piece, a bright lemony yellow with white polka dots.

I selected a multicolored print on black that had yellow in it, then picked out some other coordinating fabrics.  I was looking for bright primary colors.

But along the way, I realized that all those fabrics went well with my selection for orange, which happened to be the fabric (above) in the lower left corner.

So, I picked some new fabrics:

...and ended up with a lovely 12.5"  star:

Next was my small star. I had a 2.5" strip of yellow solid, just enough for the star points on my smaller star:

I thought to myself, "Yellow plays well with blue," and picked a bunch of blues:

...resulting in my 6.5" star:


Tracey said...

Love that yellow polka dot!! Very nice blocks... and both such different feelings.

Willa said...

Simple, but so effective!