Thursday, June 28, 2012

Astronauts at long last

dear ones. it has happened. at long last, i have finally sewn your beautiful blocks together into a marvelous outer space adventure of a quilt.

while i had told my husband he was free to go to the gym, i called him on my way home from work and informed him that not only was that no longer a possibility, but that he would also be feeding and bedding the boys, as I needed to take a bath with a large glass of wine, and would he pour it for me and have it waiting please. being the darling he is, I walked in the door at 545, kissed the boys hello, sunk into a bubbly bath with merlot, and emerged REFRESHED 90 minutes later. incidently, mere moments after the boys were put to sleep. (funny how that happens).

as i was feeling remarkably more energized, i plunked myself down in front of the sewing machine and decided it was time to finish the dang thing. in true 15 minutes fashion (though not duration, lets be serious) I picked up the pieces blindly and sewed them together, cutting when necessary, until, VOILA, completed.

this morning we read a book under the new blanket to test its snuggliness, don't worry, it passed with flying colors.

Thank you ladies!

Also... What happened to Junes block... was there one? I can't find it....

it seems i cannot upload pictures to blogger from my ipad... i'll keep trying though...


janequiltsslowly said...

First, your method is exactly right: bubblebath & merlot: what could be better? I took a look on Shutterfly and the quilt is amazing!

Barbara Arcement said...

your space quilt is beautiful. The blocks went together perfectly!