Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hello everyone. I've missed the last two weeks - visitors and a holiday (Stockholm, Sweden and yes, it was wonderful). One of the pleasures of going on holiday off-line is coming back to see what you've all done in the colour game. So it's now grape/purple - an old favourite.

I've got a lot of purple fabric, including a box of old Laura Ashley. Does anyone remember smock dresses made of fabric like this?

In spite of having oceans of purple cotton, both plain and patterned, I decided to use some silks and synthetics instead. I've tried this technique before; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Instead of piecing the fabric in the usual way, I overlay the pieces of silks and use free-machining to tie them together. These are two bits of a larger piece which didn't get photographed in time before I started enthusiastically cutting and sewing.

I wasn't sure where this was going when I was making it, and I'm even less sure now. After making several small pieces, I decided I'd like to make something larger. Depending on the next colours, I'd like to add to this.

Colour Report – Grape/Purple

What did I think of this colour at the start?
I’ve always liked purple very much. It's an easy colour to mix with.
What fabrics go with this colour?
Almost every colour could go with purple. I think of it as a great blender.
What fabrics don’t go with this colour?
I would be a bit doubtful about putting pink and purple together, a bit too sweet, and purple and white could be a bit school uniform.
Do I like this colour better or less after working with it?
I’m finding that concentrating on one colour too much can put me off that colour temporarily, especially if it has been a favourite colour, and I think it is sometimes inhibiting the design process a little. Has anyone else found this?
Will it inspire a new palette?
Not yet.
Other comments
I thought working with purple would be easiest as I have used this colour so much before and the reverse was the case. On the other hand using an unfamiliar colour can spark off unfamiliar and new ideas and that's what this colour game is about.


Annie said...

The way you stitched in some of the pieces, this one has dimension. I think adding to it may take you on an adventure that may have you liking it the next time around.

Miki Willa said...

I am intrugued by your technique for this one. I have been thinking of trying to play with silk a bit to add some different texture to my pieces. I may try your technique. I love the Laura Ashley. My two favorite dresses I ever owned were Laura Ashley. Does that date me?

janequiltsslowly said...

This is really interesting. I like the pieced framing around the silk patches and the cool sparkly thread. Are you turning under the silk edges or doing raw edge?

sheila 77 said...

It's all raw edge before I piece it, but I make sure the edges are well stitched down by the free-machining. Sparkly thread is good fun.

Tracey said...

Beautiful work Sheila! Love the mixture of fabrics and the machine stitched edges. The orange and turquoise are nice color pops.