Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bubblegum Pink..... Let's Party

I didn't have any Bubblegum Pink fabric so I picked up a piece yesterday with some nice texture.  I already had my other choices lined up based on the Striped Polka Dots and wanted to keep it at 4 other selections because the BP is such a strong color and 3 of them had varying sizes of dots.

If I were to make dessert party napkins for a summer picnic, this would be my fabric choice. The brown next to the BP reminds me of a delicious Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. Thanks Victoria.

Love this block.....  tho it has some darker colors, to me it's bright and looks festive.  Using stripes and polka dots together was a bit adventurous for me.  I kept wanting to take one away but stuck with them.  The slices of green made it "pop"!  I will definitely use Bubblegum Pink in future projects including some with great prints.  

Here are the first 11 out of 16 blocks for the quilt top. I like the direction of the blocks and will probably stick with the pattern.  I noticed that most of my color of the week fabrics have only subtle patterns in them because I wanted the made fabric to stand out.  And seeing what others are doing with color has gotten me looking at the process with new eyes.  The last 3 colors of the week...Tomato Red, Grape and Bubblegum Pink are the brightest of the bunch as I expand my color comfort zone. 


Julianne said...

I love love love your block...its darling with the stripes!

janequiltsslowly said...

This is wonderful. I like all the different dotted fabrics and glad that you kept the stripe. I love that green slash connecting to the polka dot on the left wing. It looks like you fussy cut or appliqued it, but I'm sure it was just coincidence. Lucky accident.

Willa said...

Fun party colors!

Tracey said...

What a fun and happy block! Love all the polka dots ~ and all the different colors those fabrics bring in. Great work!