Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bubblegum Pink & Mint Green...but not together!

I finished my bubblegum pink block a week ago, photographed it, and left for a long weekend out of town, planning to post from the road. That would be hard to do when the camera with the photos on it gets left at home! So that means it's 2 for 1 action today!

Bubblegum Pink
I kept feeling drawn to sugary sweet, bubblegum-y colors for this. Here's what I ended up using:

And my made fabric:

And my block:

I think it really has that sugary sweet bubblegum feeling to it. I especially like it with the lime green and the yellow dotted print. Pink is not usually a huge favorite of mine (I just feel like it gets overused for little girls, but that's another soapbox for another day). However I really like all the black, white and pink blocks that others made, and I like how easily it works with a variety of colors in general. I think I may have to overcome my prejudice against it and try a quilt that is primarily pink.

Mint Green
The color mint green has another flavor connotation, too...check out the key lime pie custard I ate before sewing my block tonight!

With that "inspiration" in my belly, I pulled out these fabrics:
I found the third fabric and loved the orangey-red paired with the mint and sage greens, so I looked for that color in my stash. Only after finishing the block did I realize that its colors were similar to my tomato red block!

And here's my made fabric:

And my block:

I was not expecting to pair the orangey-red with mint, but I liked how the warm and cool complemented each other. I'm not usually a big pastel fan, but throughout this color challenge I'm seeing how pastels can be paired with brighter colors for interesting impact.
Now off to dig out some aquas!


sheila 77 said...

Both blocks are lovely and I especially like the green with the deep orange/red and the large flower fabric.

Julianne said...

I really love both blocks..the pink is just darling!