Wednesday, June 13, 2012 hard to photograph!

For someone who went to a university that boasted purple and white as its colors, I sure don't have much in my stash! I admit, even after four years of wearing purple, it isn't really one of my favorites.

One thing I've noticed each week that if I'm having trouble finding fabrics to go with the main color, it usually means that I'm not happy with my original fabric. It happened again this week; I switched purples and quickly found some options to play with.

And as I mentioned above, I had a hard time getting an accurately colored photograph of purple, as well as the light aqua (so much more attractive in person!) and the blue I used here and the deeper teal in another quilt top I've just finished. So take these photos with a rather large grain of salt! :)

Fabric choices:
When I took this photo, I was sold on the bottom four fabrics and the four along the top were alternates. I ended up using just one of the alternates.

Made fabric:

And the block:

About the purple:
Yellow was the obvious first choice for me, but I didn't like the first couple I tried--the darker lines in this yellow seemed to help it out. I was really surprised that the blue worked--in my mind it seemed too close to the purple. I didn't want to go very pinky, but the aboriginal dot light purple/pink seemed to set off the purple nicely. Ultimately, for me, purple is just a tough color to work with, and while I'm fine with my block, I'm not feeling any extra love for the hue right now.


Julianne said...

I think it turned out really great, I like your block better than mine...that bold purple is a great print!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

LSU! Purple and gold!

glen: but they played lousy baseball this week!

Tracey said...

Gorgeous block, Ellie!! I love that yellow and purple print ~ it's perfect for your fabrics. The turquoise is a very nice contrast and pulls the lighter shades out of your teal fabric.