Friday, June 29, 2012

Minty Green

Since I am the regular recipient of scrap fabric from the ladies in my guild, I did have plenty of minty green for last week's blocks, plus a new-to-me couple of yards that I found last month.

First was this fabric:
The background is minty green, though it might not show well in the picture.

I found some fabrics to go with it:

...and then made the large block.

For the small, I used a piece of sample fabric from a box given to me of factory samples:

 This fabric was all from 1997 - the date was on the selvedges of a few pieces.

Here are the pieces I used to go with it -

I found a pretty print with minty green in it and matched the other colors.

Here's the small star:

This weekend I'll work on AQUA!


Darlington Delights said...

I love's like a crazy block in the middle of the star. Very nice work and a creative idea. Thanks for sharing!

Carol E. said...

Both are so pretty!

janequiltsslowly said...

Love the mint fabrics in these blocks and the mix of fabrics you chose with them.