Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tow Mater Red

(as my 3-year-old would say!)*
I feel like every time I pull fabrics for one of these blocks, I come up with a new color combination that I can't wait to try in a quilt. Thanks for that, Victoria! :)

My tomato red fabric (the outlined flower print) looks more pink-ish in the photo, despite my amateur photoshop efforts, but in real life it's a nice orangey-red. When I held it up the green swirl batik, I was in love. I tried adding yellow or orange, but didn't like either of those. As I was heading toward my brown bin, I stumbled across the plum-y purple, which provided a great dark accent. Yum!

Fabric choices:

Made fabric:

And the block:

I have really enjoyed working with all the warm colors in this challenge. I'm usually a blue-green girl, so this half of the color wheel is new to me.
Not surprised at how nicely the greens play with the red. I was a little surprised that I didn't like the oranges or yellows, and that a darker red and the purple both worked so well. As I said above, can't wait to try this combo in a quilt. If only I had more of these fabrics...

And here are all nine blocks together. I kind of like them on point!:

*The Tow Mater reference is to a character in the movie Cars, for anyone without ready access to a young child. (Though I recommend the movie for all ages--it's great!)


Lisa said...

oh they look fabulous!

sewyouquilt2 said...

these look so great! I agree this challenge stretches our color choices. we are "forced" to use colors we may not normally use but it s a good thing. so many gorgeous quilts coming out of this challenge!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

i like how your cools and warms blocks play off of each other when they are all together... gives so much movement!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

what about bright red and mauve? now there's a challenge! Love that you found a tomato!

Barbara Arcement said...

your block is so neat the way they flow together.
We know Cars here. I think we have seen it 50 times. Cars 2 was pretty awesome too!
Here we either watch Cars or How to Train your Dragon...my DH and I can pretty much say all of the lines with the characters! LOL

Helen said...

Your blocks look fabulous on point. The lines of color "read" like a story!

shannon said...

ohhh, i like the secondary design.

thanks for sharing

fiberchick said...

Your block is beautiful and they all look so good together!