Friday, June 29, 2012

Two colors, two weeks, one day....

Been really busy with poodle agility training the last 10 days and my machine sat silent while I played student. Had an afternoon to put together the Mint and Aqua blocks. The Mint Green was the hardest because I just had a darker green that looks more like a Mint Plant vs. the Ice Cream.  Decided to go with it, adding yellow, dark chocolate brown and several prints with milk chocolate brown and pinks with white.  I want to try a lighter mint in another block but will have to visit the shop first.

I love Aqua and had just received some fabric I ordered recently.  It has a more definite pattern that my other focus fabric and I hesitated to use it.  Happy I did as I added some Blue Aboriginal pieces, several batiks in fuschia and purple and a solid darker turquoise.  I will be using Aqua in future projects.  It reminds me of warm Caribbean waters and white sand beaches.

                           The colors are actually much brighter than they appear in the photos. 

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