Wednesday, July 11, 2012


BeeBee sent a giftie for Boo!  Can you recognize what she made the little zipper bag out of?
The Triangles Galore Block! Isn't that clever!  Boo says, "Thank you so much Barbara!! I'll stash my Nintendo games in it!"

A few of you have asked about adding 5 more weeks to the Color Challenge, I'd like to ask that if you have a color you want, Please go ahead and make your block and share it with us!  The last 5 weeks can be YOUR COLORS!   I've heard SALMON, Raspberry, Beige, Navy etc etc... there are so many colors we can choose... Please, Anyone, Make a post, show us the color and post away after next week.  I'[ll get up the 16th Color next Wednesday, then you can post WHATEVER COLOR you want!  How fun!


janequiltsslowly said...

First, that bag is sweet. Bee bee please post a tutorial! Next: more colors sounds great to me. I was thinking that since we have already done avocado, we should really add harvest gold! I'm going to ponder the additional color question, see what week 16 brings, then make some more if I get inspired. This has been so much fun, I kind of don't want it to end.

fiberchick said...

What a sweet bag... Am afraid I'm going to admire the last 5 weeks from the sidelines. Sadly, I made my blocks too big to add 5 more!

Diane said...

I need 4 or 5 more blocks! Mine are smallish, so there could be more.

I nominate Lavender, Royal Blue, and my other alltime favorite Fuschia...(which I don't think I ever spell the same way twice.)

Barbara Arcement said...

I am so glad Boo likes the bag.