Monday, July 2, 2012

Thank You for Aqua

I did not have aqua in my stash.
I went to a LQS and dug through the scrap bin. I stuffed a zip lock bag for $1. 
Why is it so much more fun to play with someone else's scraps?
Here's what I got:
Then I bought this to go with it. I think that the background of these stripes is aqua:
Here's the made fabric:
 And the block:
This is the group shot:
Thanks for adding this bright blue color! It goes so well with the cheddar background! 
Now that I have this stripe & the other scraps in my stash, I'll be using them a lot more. 
I did notice that this is a very shifty color. 
When you put it with other blue-greens or green-blues it changes a lot. 
Luckily they are a very compatible lot.

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Nifty Quilts said...

What fun! I agree that playing with other's scraps is so much more appealing.