Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another way to play

A little bit different "15 minutes of play".  Last night at the Quilt Alliance AFTER DARK party, here at my loft, I challenged the guests to PLAY and design blocks using only the pre-cut shapes I had available for them.  Using my Accuquilt go cutter, I cut squares, HST's and parallelograms.

They had 15 minutes to work out an arrangement. I asked them to leave them on the design wall, and here they all are!  How fun! Some are traditional, but most are totally fun and liberated designs.

Next, I get to sew them together, and design a quilt with them for the Quilt Alliance which will be Auctioned off.  So. Today, I started sewing the blocks together, and started to play with ideas... each time I walk into my studio I re arrange the blocks...

15 Minutes.. Try something new... See where it leads you...LOOK.
Inspiration is there if you can see it!

And if you fancy high heels hurt your feet, leave them on your sewing table, because they look really good there, too. 


How this quilt will end up, I'm not sure yet, but, I will share my process with you as I PLAY.
Here, I started by just putting them up on point, all smooshed together... I will stare at it, and change it, and think about my options, and also try to find the NEW element I want to add to this quilt. 

I pulled them apart and took my time looking at color and lights and darks, thinking about what Filler colors I will add...And will have a blast trying all the options... I have about 40 more blocks to make. 
I just love a good challenge!

I think everyone had a great time playing in the fabrics.

Now I get the best part of playing.... Putting them all together!
Now, I must make more lights and whites! 

Your blocks are looking SUPER!!


Sandi Linn Andersen said...

What a fun thing to get the conversation going........and you get quilt blocks in the process!! They are so colorful! For some reason, I see those blocks framed in black........they would POP right off the quilt, I think. ;-) Just my opinion, it will be fun to see what you do with them! I absolutely love those shoes!!!

The Thimblemouse of Country Crossroads said...

Oh what fun...and such a clever girl you are...who else would think to entertain such a group with a "hands on build a block challenge"...LOL! Can't wait to see how this progresses. Looks like your "Afterhours" was a success! And those shoes..... :)

Auntie Em said...

We had so much fun! It was a great idea. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Sewing In CT said...

What a great idea and way to use the Go! cutter.
I adore mine but have been using the 1 1/2" strip cutter to make postage stamps. I now have jars of 1 1/2" squares at the ready for anything and patterns pop into my head all day long. But to use the other shapes and to have stock ready - wow! it's like building blocks!
I love the way they turned out! I am getting my parallelogram cutter this week!!!!
I'm so glad it was a success! I can't wait for my goody bag and the at home ticket drawings!

Vicki B said...

What a great idea. Can I steal it?
We are having a bridal shower this weekend for my future daughter-in-law. I could have it done for a Christmas present to them. You are one talented lady!!

Terry said...

Amazing new way to get friendship blocks. I'm already thinking of ways to use this. Quilters Christmas Party?
Do the shoes turn red when you want to come home?

sheila 77 said...

There are some fascinating blocks there. What an idea. Looks like it was an amazing party.