Monday, September 24, 2012

Playing with linen

I've been playing with little bits of fabric lately.
the one at the right is cotton,
the left is linen.

I used linen with embroidery already on it.
It takes nerve to cut up a vintage embroidery,
but I really had no use for a set of yellow napkins
embroidered with unknown people's names,
so I cut them up as part of this little quilt.
The biggest difference in working with linen is a wider seam allowance
to prevent fraying.


Sewing In CT said...

Brenda - Thanks for the tip on the wider seam allowance. I have vintage linens that I plan to use as well! Otherwise, it never sees the light of day and some of the work is beautiful!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Cute! I love the difference in the feel of them! I collect vintage embroidery and cut them up too... I figure it does me more good then them sitting in a antique shop! Stick them in a quilt so we can enjoy them! Nice job! love those itty bitty pieces!

janequiltsslowly said...

I'm thinking I need to develop a new habit if I can find embroidered linen in an antique shop. I pass by a whole row of them on the way to Court. I think I should stash some cash and visit!

Nancy said...

Do you find the linen slippery to work this? It looks like you're sewing shorting seams. I have a collection of linen I intend to use for a quilt but have hesitated to cut it up because I'm uncertain about sewing it. Thanks for the suggestion to use a wider seam allowance. Half inch, would you say, or 3/8"?

Brenda said...

at least 3/8 inches. I've been using Best Press on these to keep them stiffer, fyi.