Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Toni's Star

From Sewing in CT:
I like the fabric and initially I pulled lots of coordinating fabrics with an eye on making fabric but decided against it - it wasn't meant to be. 
I think I didn't like the idea because it was all too dark.  In looking back - this is a very dark fabric.
I was kind of interested in seeing what would happen if I just used 'made fabric' that wasn't intended to specifically go with it or anything.
I consulted books for inspiration.  I found a muse it in Material Obsession's Liberty Fields quilt. 
I'm new to quilting so I haven't played with Ohio Stars much yet.  My points are not perfect.  Made fabric to thank for that!
I used my lights challenge made fabric and some darker made fabric as an outer border. 

My border was meant to read a little darker - so there was a good lesson about what's truly light and dark in color.
I really like the overall pleasing effect of the made fabric.  This was my first foray into anything larger than previous challenges.
I will turn this into something useful.  I will also work more on my "light" quilt challenge - maybe after New Year's.

Thanks TONI for sharing your Made Fabric Star! It jumps right out of your block!


Pat said...

I really like the effect of the dark against the light colors. And the border adds to that effect.

Unknown said...

I like the contrast of your star and the scrappiness of your borders.
As far as not being perfect, that's either something you embrace or regject. Being a reformed perfectionist myself, I'm learning the love and satisfaction of wonky blocks. They're fun and easy and satisfy my need to create--the challenge is letting go of the need to be exact.
You did an awesome job, congrats!