Friday, January 25, 2013

Patty's work in progress

For this quilt I want to use the natural colored  linen as my neutral background fabric which will tie all the fabrics together and it  is the color of the linen the towel was printed on.  I like piecing strip sets and I think they are very versatile.  I will be making a bunch of these sets using the fabrics I already picked out before I start playing around with how I want the quilt to look.  I am going for a juxtaposition of the orderly printed quilt blocks printed on the towel with improvisationally pieced borders.

I am going with the patchwork block tea towel.  I am waiting for an identical one from Brenda to come in the mail.  She saw the post of the towel on 15 minutes and volunteered to send me hers so I could sew them together and have a more square center to work with. 


Lois (AKA Onnie) said...

I gotta' admit that I'm sitting out this challenge, but I'm very interested in seeing how everyone's turn out. I've been collecting towels for years, with the idea of using them all in a quilt, so this is going to give me lots of ideas. Thanks, everyone!

Brenda said...

Didn't you get mine yet? I mailed it on Saturday. I hope it gets there soon, coz I wanna see how this all goes together.