Monday, January 14, 2013


special made fabric event

The designer posing for a photo. It was past bed time for my 6 yr old grandson who wandered in a little while ago and found a piece of fabric he said was his from his [ read baby] quilt. A quick look around and he found  fish scraps and was organizing where they would go.

Some cutting ,pinning and joint foot pedaling we pose for another photo. Note the addition of the headband and a slightly? weary Grama I hear you say.   Nah we're on a roll discussing how the machine is threaded and deciding where to stitch the next piece of fabric.

penguins are added for his other Grandmother Mama.

sharks stingrays and the green spot from his first quilt

Ta Da a finished piece of made fabric just the right size for a "quilt for teddy". I had so much fun connecting with my grandson and thanks to 15 min made fabric I just let go and added on what ever where ever Cadel wanted. Both HAPPY.


antique quilter said...

how touching, he will treasure that little quilt for teddy I special memories for sure

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

YAY!!!! hehe! That is soooo SWEET! Great times!

Jean(ie) said...

Such a cutie... Love the turtle headband. It's a must have for every boy that sews. LOL!

jovaliquilts said...

Wonderful story!

Helen said...

Glad you were able to photograph this event. Keep us posted on this guy's creative journey, please!

Willa said...

Life is so good sometimes!!!