Friday, February 8, 2013

Toni's challenge

I was accumulating fabrics and getting ready to sew. I made most of these blocks today. I have some vintage blue ribbon with a wave motif that will go on the border around the tea towel. I wanted to do pastel borders but its too much like a log cabin. I've never done blocks on point or used made fabric so I have 2 firsts in my challenge.
I may change my mind yet again about the blocks and what they do though...Toni S.


Paulette said...

I like how you are pulling out all those wonderful colors in the map with your made fabric!

Chris said...

Great start Toni - keep going! Love what you've done so far!

Helen said...

My vacation in Bermuda several years ago was a feast for the eyes. Those pastels and blues are in my memory forever. Your quilt may inspire me to go there again!