Sunday, March 10, 2013

Diane's update

Nirvana – quilting + Downton Abbey all day long!  And how appropriate to be watching this wonderful, very English series today because I’m working on my tea towel quilt.tea towel
My tea towel as been hanging in my studio (which is where it will stay once embellished) and I’ve been jotting down notes about what I would like to do with it.  Here they are:
  • use up rectangular blocks made from black + white strips of fabric I made years ago for a railroad quilt; never made it though because the blocks were just too muddy
  • add snippets of color – turquoise because it is my favorite color and what partially drew me to the towel
  • the more I looked at the towel the more it reminded me of a coloring book picture waiting to be colored in; so I wanted to add colors especially on the pennants; maybe red paint, or applique material, or embroider a couple of them especially make red french knots on the dotted ones
So I pulled out fabrics yesterday and some embroidery floss:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
The sewn fabric in the upper left hand corner was the start of placemats but all those small flying geese were too tedious for me! But now it’s a happy find.  I’m going to chop it up and use it for my first frame around my towel!
So like the towel says “Hey Ho, hey ho, it’s off to sew I go,”  Invariably I have to sing it out loud when I see the towel!


Paulette said...

I am excited to see how this progresses!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I really love the towel! A great start

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

I too love the towel! Looking forward to see what comes next!

Helen said...

I want to embroider my tea towel, too. Keep posting yours!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everyone's encouragement!

electricdunce said...

This will be such fun to see...Karin