Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Diane's update

Here's how I got there:
  • I made sure that my flying geese would fit around the tea towel, after cutting each column in half they fit perfectly!  But it seemed to need something to separate this border further from the tea towel
  • So I dug into my stash again. I found iron-on black bias tape and polka dotted thin grosgrain ribbon and came up with this. Hmmmm - maybe. I do love that ribbon after all!border
  • I didn't have a lot of red scraps so I made fabric with them. I wanted to add bits of color to my previously made drab railroad blocks.  So I made tumbler blocks of various sizes wih my red made fabric.  I auditioned them - but it wasn't working for me. Those railroad blocks are still so dark and muddy. I left them hanging on my wall and decided to take a fresh look in the morning.made fabric
  • A stroke of serendipity!  I stumbled onto a blog and found the perfect way to insert color into those railroad blocks.  I chopped up my tumbler blocks, added more white to those made blocks, cut these into smaller rectangles and made two floating triangle blocks. Lookin' good!
  • progressI still have more decisions to make: Do I skip the polka dot grosgrain ribbon?  Do I make floating blocks with solid white and black centers? Do I make odder shaped centers instead of triangles?  I'll answer these and probably more on this journey but for now I'm happy where this is headed! More importantly I'm having so much fun doing it. I love just chopping up fabric any way I want!


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I kept thinking, where are those flying geese? After reading through for the THIRD time I finally got it!!!

I liked it with or without flying geese!!

Anonymous said...

oops! So sorry! The flying geese are on the placemat I never finished. It's in ihe picture on my previous post. I called it my happy find.

I forgot to take a picture of it before I cut it up!


Beth in MN said...

I like what you have going on with the chopped up pieces and the color inserted. Looking forward to seeing the completed piece.

Unknown said...

i love the floating triangles! its great to see how its all progressing and chopping and changing. I like the ribbon idea too.

Helen said...

The ribbon is wonderful and your floating triangles look like your scraps are "flying" off your machine. Keep playing...

electricdunce said...

Gorgeous, very elegant. Karin

Carol E. said...

I love the floating triangles!