Sunday, March 31, 2013

Play workshops!

Hey 15 minute Players!  I'm back from AU and the 15 minute workshops! If I said I had fun, that would be a giant understatement! We had a blast!  It was s o nice to meet up with other quilters, and PLAY!
Terry, who often plays along here, came, so it was very nice to put a FACE to the player! So nice to see you Terry!

We made a big ol' happy scrappy mess!  

And I can see here, that you all have been busy on your tea towels!  I was very pleased to be able to deliver a FINISHED tea towel challenge quilt for KATHY! You will have seen the fabulous post from Laurie... ( scroll down)
No worries if you have not finished your tea towel by the 29th... I know many need a deadline, but I can tell you, MINE is not done either! I want to finish mine up soon...  Keep posting PROCESS!!! there has been some very good posts here, and we are learning from each of you!
How do you get from A to B in your design process? How do you make those decisions?

Now I want to come to All your towns, to teach and PLAY!

Happy Easter!

Will you find 15 minutes to PLAY today?

...might not be sewing, might be eating jelly beans! ;-)


liniecat said...

What fun to all meet up like that.
Love the hexis!

Terry said...

Hope everyone had half as much fun as I did. Learned to look with different eyes.