Thursday, April 25, 2013

Timing is Everything!

Last week was quite a week...lots of rain, I mean LOTS of rain, then even more, a flooded basement (could have been worse, we had six inches, our neighbors had 4 feet!)...then the tragedy in Boston...and my daughter lives there, close to lots of the activity, such a worry...I really needed some therapy!  When what should arrive but this fabulous package from Nathalie!!!

We had agreed to swap ziploc bags of goodies...but (lucky for me!) Nathalie is an OVER-ACHIEVER!  I got an abundance of fun, colorful, yummy fabrics! She crammed the box so full, that when I opened it...

...all this fun came "flooding" out!  Even though my sewing room is temporarily off-limits, playing with scraps is just what the doctor ordered!
Thank you Nathalie - I have been having loads of fun playing with your generous gift - and will post about my finished block soon!

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