Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Toni's tea towel done!

My Tea Towel Challenge Top is done -
As far as process - I chose the towel because I liked the low value colors.
I was going to make a low value quilt - like V's whites challenge, but as I
went along - I kept wanting to make it more colorful!  I went with it.

I used a lot of orphan pieces - the HST's are someone else's that were for
sale in a scrap bin.s
The top is about 72" square - making it square was important to me - I'm not
sure why.
I had fun making the large blocks of made fabric - they were very
liberating.  You can't go wrong!
I am going to try some new machine quilting when I get this layered.  It's a
little wonky and not quite flat in spots.

I often think about who I might give my quilts to while I make them.
Inevitably my husband comes along and says, "You can't give that away! I
like it!"

Sewing in CT


Anonymous said...

I can see why your husband wants it - it's so fun!!

electricdunce said...

Terrific !


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Great quilt!! Love it. So fun.

I do like the fact that the quilt has stocking feet!!!!

liniecat said...

I especially like the attached warm socks at the bottom of the quilt lol
Its a feast of patching!

Bill Volckening said...

Love it!

Venus de Hilo said...

Charming! Those HST blocks were a great find, and go wonderfully here.

Ellie Q said...

Very cool! I love the little nine-patches and how the outer brighter border ties everything together.

Unknown said...

I love it Toni - it's great fun!

Miki Willa said...

What a fun and colorful quilt. I like the sense of ocean surrounding the tea towel you created with the blue and white fabric. Very cool.