Sunday, May 12, 2013

Scrap Swap Finish #2 - Love to Boston!

So - you know how you have all these unfinished quilt projects, but then something else comes and grabs your attention, so it's like, I must do this now? Of course you do!  You might have seen this project on blogland recently - To Boston with Love, started by the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild (read about it, here).  My daughter and her bf are living in Cambridge, Mass., while they attend grad school, and were very close to all of the activity surrounding the search for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.  So I had to participate in this project!

The project has specific dimensions and directions, like including your name and city on the back side (darling daughter Genevieve above). I made blocks for all family members and their significant others - and the ENTIRE project was made with fabric I received from my Scrap Swap buddy, Nathalie! Isn't it great, how so many times, what we need is right at hand?  

So - these flags will join others, sent by quilters from all over the world, to be displayed somewhere in Boston for their Memorial Day observance.  To Boston, with Love!


Mego said...

Absolutely GREAT! I, too, made flags for the whole family and as they get all tied together they are displayed on the FLICKR group. They are looking GOOD. I hear you on 'unfinished' projects...I cleared the table and made flags for a week...this was such a fun project. Can't waiting to see them flying!

Nathalie said...

Yea! that my scraps could participate like this. Too cool!

Helen said...

What a wonderful way to show your concern for the great city of Boston. Was glad to see the Red Sox included!