Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Water Challenge

My mother and I have been considering joining a 12 x 12 group that has been recently formed by our local guild.  We missed out on the first group and are now on a waiting list for next year.  However we have both had self doubts as to whether we could work to a theme. Recently at a local quilt group meeting I challenged her to make a 12 x 12 quilt with the theme of Water so that we could practice.  Another quilt club member decided to join us in this challenge.  They are both still working on their pieces.

I spend a lot of my 15 minutes play time constructing 12 x 12 and 4" square blocks from my scraps which are now waiting to be used in other projects.  The background to this quilt was one of  these blocks.  I hand appliqued all the pieces on - some of which were fussy cut from other pieces of fabric.  The shiny pieces are meant to be jelly fish floating in the water.

Once they have completed their small quilts I am going to suggest we carry on with two other small quilts with them each providing a theme.  I am keen to continue using my made fabric pieces for these challenges but will wait and see what topics they come up with.


Elaine M said...

Wonderful! The blue 15 min play background has captured the distorted underwater look. Love the yellow seaweed. Nice that you went ahead and formed your group. Maybe a few others will join in the fun.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I am a member of a very small but very exclusive Fiber Artist Group. We work small as well. It was quite a challenge to me to work in a small 8.5 by 11 space, but it has taught me to concentrate on composition. What is extraneous just doesn't get into the picture!

For example, this month's challenge was to add text and I wanted to do a fork with the saying, may the forks be with you. That is quite a challenge to put so many words in that small a space.

I was recycling old shirts and realized that one of the labels was on the piece I was going to cut off! So it serendipitously stayed on the piece and I had my text!

It is wonderful to be able to play in this way, I am so fortunate to be with these incredible artists. And I learn so much from them each month.

LynneP said...

You did a wonderful job of keeping to a theme! Lovely piece.

Carol E. said...

Fun challenge! I like what you did with yours.

Ellie Q said...

I love the blue made fabric background and how the seaweed pops off of it!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

So sweet! We wil be having a themed challenge soon. stay tuned!