Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Architectural Challenge - First Try

Well, I sat, uninspired for a long time.  To tell the truth, I am still.
I decided to make fabric with my blacks to use for the shadowy window areas.
I was using some white linen for the stucco portions for texture.
I scaled my photo to fit the challenge thinking it would be good working size.

This window is the upper most left one.  I wasn't going to trim the left side until more was done and I picked my "brick" fabric.  I can make this work, but I am asking myself, why? There are other things I'd rather be playing with. 


I'm not feeling the love and joy of creation with this one. Maybe I am too literal?
How do I find my Modern Groove?
I may try again in a few days and change the color palette or something or I may sit on it longer.
Let me know what you think?


Willa said...

I like the red, white, and black combination! Very dramatic! I think it relates well to your photo. Good play; looks like you have more fun play to come.

Margaret said...

I love the image you are using and hope you forge on and get excited soon! What strikes me in the photo are the heavy red verticals and the much thinner red horizontals. But I fight against being too literal, too, so that might not be a useful comment. Hope you make another window soon and show us!

Sewing In CT said...

Margaret - It's true - I wanted the vertical lines to be thinner but it is very hard with the made fabric and the scale i am working to - but I might try to redo it.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Try slicing either one or both of the two internal vertical red strips and re-sew them. That will make them thin, leaving you with a thick support post . Add two more similar, but slightly smaller window units (smaller in all dimensions), and maybe use blacks with less defined whites, and I think you'll be happy you stuck with this image.