Friday, July 5, 2013

Heather's progress!

Well, here it is, all quilted! The quilting was a challenge for me as it is the first thing I've really custom quilted on my home machine, which I've had just under a year.  

I debated thread color for the quilting in the hills but chose to go with the gray as a further symbol of the city encroaching on/taking over the footprint of the rain forest. Then I quilted with a straight stitch following the contour of the hills. 

For the little tiny corner of sand I did a diagonal cross hatch, and for the water I found a decorative stitch on my machine that somewhat resembled waves, which I quilted straight across (overlapping the shoreline a bit to emphasize the water, well, overlapping the shore!).  I used a dark blue for that, and then in the sky I quilted gently curving lines to sort of give a cloud or wind feel to things. I used a variegated blue-to-cream thread for that. 

Now it just needs binding and it will be ready to hang! 
-Heather V


Willa said...

I see our pieces as amazingly similar but you solved the water problem! Congratulations!!

I like the way your water works. I am unhappy with my water and hope to work on it when I get home Saturday.

Again, congratulations!!

The Reader said...

oh, thank you!

roccagal said...

I like how this turned out-great use of plaid fabric!

janequiltsslowly said...

I really like how this turned out, especially the quilting.