Thursday, August 22, 2013

any help please.

Thanks Siobhan and LYNN! for your Anvil blocks!

Yep! I am in need of more ANVIL blocks for the
quilts I make and give as people when I hear someone is affected by cancer.

Are you willing to send me a block or two?  
I keep these blocks on hand, so when I hear of someone else with cancer, I make them a quilt ASAP.
I am using up the last of the last "call for help" blocks now.

And I have two quilts to make. ;-(
If you can help, info follows.

There is no deadline, I keep these blocks specifically for these quilts.

The tutorial is here:

I need blocks with BLUE backgrounds, and

BRIGHT HAPPY COLORS for the pattern.  (No black or all white please)

We need these to be happy, healing  fun blocks, ;-)

Address to send:

Thank you!!

This is the final set of blocks I had from the last call for help. Thank you to all who have contributed blocks.  Time to make more quilts!


Willa said...

Sounds like fun and easy! I will send you one or two. Please let me know where to send them.

Impera Magna said...

...have just finished a block for you and will pop it in the mail today.