Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Amish Mini Finished!

Wow, I actually finished one of these challenges before the deadline! Let's hear it for minis!

Thanks for all the quilting suggestions in the comments a while back. I liked the cable idea very much, and tried one... and had to rip it out. If time allowed I would have practiced for a bit, then tried again, but this had to be finished quickly or not at all. Hand-quilting would have been lovely, too, but I've too many other handwork projects going on right now. So I used a combo of straight line and serpentine stitch with the walking foot. It turned out nicely in between plain and fancy:

I left the scrappy bars unquilted, after trying a line of stitching and ripping that out, too.

Wasn't sure I'd like the dark blue border, but now that it's done, I do.This makes 2 minis in my collection. I think it would be fun to have an entire wall of them in my office (it won't take many, there's not much wall space in here to fill).

This was fun!


Glinda ♥ said...

Very pretty block, Victoria, love the quilting ... 'Oooo, that's nice," says DH looking over my shoulder!

Brenda said...


Helen said...

Love that serpentine quilting. It has become my favorite machine stitch! It really suits the size of this mini, too.